Discover Nutreats – Pure New Zealand Goodness 

We provide 100% natural, nutritional treats and supplements, backed by science and sourced right here in New Zealand. Our supplements are great for relieving joint pain in cats and dogs with arthritis, osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. Unlike traditional pain killers, our powders and oils are 100% natural with minimal to no side effects for your pet. The green-lipped mussel extract used in these supplements can only be found in the pristine waters of New Zealand.

We want to make a significant contribution to the health of pets through our carefully developed range of functional treats and feed supplements. Therefore, we would not market a product, even a bestseller, if we were not convinced that it was beneficial to your pet’s health. What’s more, we continually research and innovate to ensure we are able to offer the highest quality, most effective products.

Our range of treats are produced using the most appropriate processing techniques then popped into a resealable bag. This ensures the raw ingredients retain all their potency to provide maximum health benefits. Because our treats are the real thing, you’ll find your pets recognise and respond to them with unparalleled enthusiasm. They look and smell just as nature intended!