Identifying Osteoarthritis and Arthritis in Dogs

Osteoarthiritis  and arthritis can occur in dogs when joints become inflamed and cartilage becomes damaged. This causes the bones and joints to rub together, which creates an uncomfortable pain for dogs. It can happen at any age, but is more common in older dogs as they have had a whole lifetime of their joints rubbing together. Other causes could be over-exercising, or trauma after a prior injury.

It can be difficult for a pet owner to know if their pup is suffering through arthritis, as it is commonly overlooked as aging. However, it’s important to acknowledge in it’s early stages so that you can intervene and help reduce the pain.

If you are unsure whether your dog is suffering with arthritis, it is best to get a second opinion from your vet. But in the mean time look out for some of these symptoms, which may indicate your dog has joint pain issues.

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9 Common Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

  • Limping on affected legs 
  • Unexpected change in personality
  • Licking of the affected joint
  • Loss of interest in playing with toys or fetch
  • Snapping when being patted or touched
  • Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping
  • Stiffness when rising from bed or mat
  • Energy levels drop and dog becomes lethargic or depressed
  • Yelping when sudden movement is placed on affected area

What is the best treatment for dogs with arthritis?

Dogs will appreciate getting relief long before we suspect anything is wrong with their joints, which is why daily supplements and formulas can be a great add-on to your dog’s daily diet. You can also look into natural relief foods, such as green-lipped mussel, fish oil, beef cartilage, turmeric, kelp, omega-3 rich foods, and other marine-life products.

Animals are great at hiding their pain so oftentimes the arthritis may have become severe without the owner’s awareness. If you suspect that your dog is living an uncomfortable, painful life then you should seek advice from your vet.  

If managed well, most dogs can live a healthy and happy life for years after an arthritis diagnosis. Be patient with the process and make sure you have appropriate interventions so that your dogs pain is eased as much as possible.

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