A selection of our best Joint Supplements and Treats for young Dogs.

    Our Vitals Puppy Prime is a 100% natural multi-vitamin supplement formulated for puppies’ bones, teeth, skin, coat and muscle function. It provides a daily nutritional boost to your puppy’s diet, including calcium, protein, fat and multi-vitamins.

    The rich source of multivitamins may help to:

    • Support healthy bone and muscle growth

    • Support a healthy, shiny coat

    • Maintenance of healthy flexibility and mobility in puppies and small dogs

    Puppy Prime is formulated to support healthy bone and joint development in young dogs. We recommend starting them on a good supplement while they’re young to give them the best chance of long lasting mobility.

    The advanced formula is gentle on little tums, and a low chance of any negative side effects as all the ingredients are 100% natural.

    Also included is our Green-Lipped Mussel Freeze Dried Dog Treats. High in Glucosamine and Omega 3 which help to support healthy bones and joints. A perfect Natural training treat for your puppy. No additives, fillers or preservatives.

    Dog Treats

    Premium Natural Dog treats to support the maintenance of healthy bones, joints and mobility.

    Whether you are looking for a training treat or joint support treat to help maintain healthy joints, all treats are suitable for puppies through to older dogs, Nutreats has a suitable product for you. All our treats are Natural and preservative free.

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