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All our products are 100% pure and natural, with all the goodness locked in through our specialist freeze-drying process.


Natural protein, vitamins, compounds and essential fatty acids help will keep your pet healthy.


Our treats make excellent training rewards because animals just love the natural taste.
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We all love our pets, and want to make sure we provide the best care for them, so why not reward them with nutrition that can help them live longer, happier and healthier lives? That’s why we created NUTREATS, a range of functional treats and feed supplements made from only the purest New Zealand ingredients. Have a look around our site, and discover how we harness the natural bounty of New Zealand to support animal health and wellbeing.

Premium dog treats

100% natural, high quality nutrition with added health benefits
  • No additives

    100% NATURAL

    No additives, preservatives, colours or flavours
  • Training treats


    Animals love the natural taste
  • Health benefits


    Powerful micronutrients support health

    From kittens and pups to old-timers, our ranges suit everyone

    Everyone can get their chops around our treats
  • No mess


    Our products are easy to give and there's no residue
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Our nutritional philosophy

Our products are all carefully chosen for their integral health benefits

For everyday wellbeing, choose NUTREATS Vitals

Our feed supplements are all 100% natural, and rich in vitamins and nutrients that are essential to the health and vitality of dogs.

NUTREATS Vitals Puppy Prime


NUTREATS Vitals Hip & Joint


NUTREATS Vitals Bone Builder


Skin, Coat & Mobility


Premium cat treats

100% natural, high quality nutrition for cats with added health benefits

Beef Heart Feline

Protein-rich nuggets containing essential nutrients, suitable for cats of all ages and can help rebuild and repair damaged tissue.
Beef Heart Feline
Dee Henare's dogs

Dee Henare Dog owner

My Rottie girl is 8 and has arthritis. I started giving her NUTREATS Hip & Joint and over a couple of weeks I noticed a huge difference. She no longer chews at her legs (which I suspected were hurting), and she moves more freely. My Rottie boy, who is 6, developed a sore shoulder at a very young age. Hip & Joint has been wonderful for him too – he does not limp, and is way more active. I have noticed a huge difference in their movements since using Hip & Joint.
NUTREATS Vitals Hip & Joint

Delia Teesdale Dog owner

We have just finished the NUTREATS Hip & Joint trial. While I didn't notice any major change in Rain… I did notice that when she gets heat therapy with a wheat bag on her legs and back, her back usually twitches, which I am told is a sign of pain, but it has not been twitching recently since taking Hip & Joint. She did recover more quickly after lameness in her wrist and I have not seen any lameness since, which is awesome.

Olivia Shinn Horse owner

My showjumping mare is 12 years old and I have really noticed a difference in her movement since I have been using your product (NUTREATS Vitals Hip & Joint) once a day. I went to my first show for the season and I placed 6th in the 1.20 in a strong class. I am looking forward to the season ahead.

Louise Ray Dog owner

We have just finished the Hip & Joint. I am pleased with how Trick is doing now he walks 4.95km 3 days a week and today he even managed to do some cavelleti work. He is happy and the vet and the hydrotherapy lady have noticed how good he is now after being sore. He recovers more quickly from walks. Thanks for giving us this chance to try something new.

David Cat owner

My cats just go CRAZY for Nutreats! It's great to find something they love so much ...I have even used it to train them to stop scratching my couch.

Pets love NUTREATS

Treats you’ll feel good about giving
  • Quality you can count on

    We work closely with local farmers and fishermen to ensure we get premium product
  • Natural is best

    Minimal processing for maximum taste and benefit
  • no mess

    Simple convenience

    You'll love the no-mess convenience and long shelf life
  • MPI guarantee

    Our export certification proves we meet the highest standards required by New Zealand law

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