Tasty dog chews with built-in hip and joint support
With New Zealand green-lipped mussel

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"We offer a wide range of supplements for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that they're sure to love.
Produced in-house by Nutreats and made right here in New Zealand, our brand stands for the highest quality standards in natural pet treats and supplements, featuring the beneficial properties of green-lipped mussel oil and powder. 
Whether you have a young pup or a mature feline, you can buy health-supporting products for every life stage."

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Natural support for a lifetime of health and vitality for your pet

Our best-selling 100% natural joint support products are all enriched with green-lipped mussel and available as
  • Soft chews
  • Powders 
  • Oils 
  • Treats

What our customers say

“Been a supporter of Nutreats for more than 2 years and my dog loves it! Tried every product and my dog's favourite has got to be the green-lipped mussel”

Jocelyn Li

"The hip and joint powder not only comes at an excellent price point, but it's also a big hit with our dog! He loves the flavour, and we've seen such positive changes."


"Our two Burmese cats love these treats so much! They are very affordable compared to other brands. The quality is consistently high, and made with natural ingredients."

Abbey Sterne

All-in-one treats, powder and oil supplements
With freeze-dried New Zealand green-lipped mussels for a nutritional boost

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  • Optimum nutrition

    Our products are all carefully formulated and rigorously tested to maximise the nutritional benefit for your pet. 
  • 100% natural ethos

    All Nutreats products use ingredients that are sustainably harvested with recyclable packaging that minimises our environmental impact.
  • Premium ingredients

    Nutreats products are all made with the highest quality ingredients, which are processed lightly so they retain all their natural goodness.