Nutreats Story

    NUTREATS - 100% Natural , 0% Compromise.

    For over 60 years our family owned business has been pioneering and perfecting Natural Supplements for both Animals and Humans, sourced from the purest region on Earth.

    Our purpose is to help animals world-over improve their strength and wellbeing through the goodness of premium natural supplements and treats.

    With generations of expertise and true depth of care we really pilot the full journey. We currently own or manage over 40 Green-Lipped Mussel Farms allowing us to source the very best in Natural ingredients. With our own processing and Freeze drying facilities in Havelock and Christchurch this allows us to produce our very own Nutreats Natural premium products with integrity.

    All our products are 100% Natural- no preservatives, nasty fillers, additives or colours.