Our Story

Committed to bringing our customers products that are 100% natural, 100% taste, and 0% compromise

For over 60 years our family-owned business has been pioneering and perfecting 100% natural supplements, for Cats and Dogs.

It is our mission to share these powerful health-supporting products with animals and humans around the world.

Nutreats’ purpose is to support the health of animals through the simple goodness of premium natural supplements and treats that taste as good as they look.

With generations of expertise and true depth of care we pilot the full journey. We own several green-lipped mussel farms, which enables us to control the quality of our premium natural ingredients. With our own processing and freeze-drying facilities in Havelock and Christchurch, we produce, package and ship our very own Nutreats 100% natural premium products with integrity to customers around the globe.

Pet Supplements which are 100% natural – no preservatives, fillers, additives or colours

Nutreats owns several green-lipped mussel farms which enables us to control the quality of our premium natural ingredients

Mindful sustainability

We are committed to providing customers with the best possible products while minimising our impact on the environment.

We believe that sustainability and high-quality ingredients are essential to promoting health and well-being, and we are proud to be a New Zealand company that prioritises these values throughout our supply chain.