Collection: Dog feed supplements

100% natural dietary support

If you’re looking to support your dog’s health, you’re in the right place. Nutreats specialises in New Zealand green-lipped mussel powder and oil supplements, all 100% natural and carefully formulated to support joint mobility in all ages and breeds of dog.

Optimal health for every stage of your Dog's life.

Nutreats is dedicated to enriching your dog's health with 100% natural, New Zealand-developed supplements. Our range includes the flagship green-lipped mussel products for joint mobility, alongside versatile options for skin and coat health available as powder, oil, and soft chews. We also offer probiotic soft chews for optimal digestive wellness.

For the younger members of your family, our specialised bone builder powder aids in the healthy development of growing puppies. It’s designed to support skeletal health and overall vitality from an early age. Nutreats provides a holistic approach to care, ensuring your pet thrives from puppyhood through their golden years.

Choose Nutreats for comprehensive, natural wellness solutions tailored to support dogs of all ages and breeds at every step of their journey.

At Nutreats, we know your pet's health matters. Need help with ordering or advice on supplements?

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FAQs: Dog Supplements

Adding supplements to your dog's food can support their health, depending on their specific needs.

Our range includes joint mobility aids, skin and coat enhancers, and digestive health probiotics & multi-vitamins, all made from 100% natural ingredients.

Based on your dog's age, breed, and health requirements, you can choose from our carefully formulated powders, oils, and soft chews to complement their diet.

Whether your dog needs nutritional supplements depends on their individual health needs and dietary balance.

Many dogs benefit from supplements that support joint health, skin and coat condition, and digestive health.

Our 100% natural, New Zealand-crafted supplements cater to these needs and more, helping to fill any gaps in your dog's nutrition and support their overall well-being.

Yes, dog supplements can be effective in supporting your dog's health when chosen correctly and used consistently.

Our supplements are formulated based on scientific research and are designed to address specific health concerns, such as joint mobility, skin and coat health, and digestive wellness.

By providing your dog with our high-quality, natural supplements, you're investing in their health and happiness.

The best form of supplement for your dog depends on their individual preferences and dietary needs.

Oils are great for mixing into wet food and can be absorbed quickly, making them ideal for skin and coat health.

Powders offer flexibility and can be easily incorporated into both wet and dry foods, suitable for overall nutrition enhancement.

Soft chews are convenient and often preferred by dogs as treats, perfect for supporting joint health and digestive wellness.

All our dog feed supplements are made from 100% natural ingredients, ensuring your dog gets the best in every bite.