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Mega Joint Mobility bundle for Dogs

Mega Joint Mobility bundle for Dogs

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Supporting Dog's joint health internally with a variety of supplements all aimed at maintaining optimum dog joint health and long lasting mobility.

A variety of dog joint supplements, including treats, chews, and oil. When you reward or train your dog, you can simultaneously look after their health. The delicious taste ensures your dog loves the treats and chews, making it easy to support their joint health and long-lasting mobility.

Enjoy a 10% discount when purchased together as a bundle.

  • 2 x Hip & Joint Soft Chews - Omega-3s, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin C, kelp, and high-strength GlycOmega™-PLUS mussel powder to support healthy flexibility, mobility, and joint comfort of your dog.
  • 1 x Joint Oil Capsules- Joint support with active green-lipped mussel GlycOmega™-Oil
  • 2 x Green-Lipped Mussels treats - Freeze-dried green-lipped mussel dog treats, containing powerful micronutrients and rich in Omega-3s.
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Mega Joint Mobility bundle for Dogs

Green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) is native to New Zealand and is known for its unique green-colored lip around the shell, which gives it its name. It has long been considered a powerful joint support supplement.

Green-lipped mussels are:

1. Rich in nutrients: a source of various nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins (e.g., B vitamins), and minerals (e.g., calcium, zinc, and iron).

2. Popular for joint support: green-lipped mussel contains compounds such as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and omega-3 fatty acids (e.g., EPA and DHA), which may support the body's joints and mobility.

3. Skin and coat health: The Omega-3 fatty acids in green-lipped mussel support skin and coat health in dogs.

4. Digestive support: Studies suggest that green-lipped mussel support digestive health.

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