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Probiotic Soft Chews for dogs

Probiotic Soft Chews for dogs

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High-strength formula supporting healthy gut and digestion 

Our Probiotic Soft Chews contain a proprietary blend of probiotics, vegetable extract, algae and GlycOmega™-PLUS mussel powder to promote digestive wellness, as well as support ear and paw comfort in your dog. 

Benefits of Probiotic Soft Chews for your dog:

  • Supports dog's healthy gut and digestion
  • Specially formulated proprietary blend of probiotics
  • Can support ear and paw comfort in dogs

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Small: Under 11kg (‹24lb) half a chew daily
Medium: 11-34kg (25-75lb) 1 chew daily
Large: Over 34kg (›75lb) 2 chews daily

Heart shaped nutritional soft chews for dogs. Nuteats multivitamin soft chews for dogs - supporting healthy immunity, healthy skin coat and nails. Supports overall wellness and immunity in dogs. Wellness and vitality support.

Probiotic Soft Chews for dogs

Our Probiotic Soft Chews contain beneficial bacteria that support your dog's digestive health by helping maintain a naturally balanced gut microbiome. Healthy natural digestion leads to better nutrient absorption to help enhance overall wellbeing. Probiotics can also support the immune system, promoting healthy resilience against infections. Particularly useful during dietary changes, travel, or times of stress, probiotic chews help support your dog's gut equilibrium. The soft and palatable texture of the chews makes giving them to your dog effortless, and they will love the natural and delicious taste.

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