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Puppy Bonus Pack

Puppy Bonus Pack

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Save over 20% on individual product prices with our Puppy Bonus Pack - start your new pup's life in a healthy way, supporting his training with these 100% natural products

The puppy bonus pack contains:
  • 1 x Puppy Prime 50g powder pot - totally natural multi-vitamin supplement powder formulated to support puppies’ bones, teeth, skin, coat and muscle function.
  • 1 x Skin, Coat + Mobility 200ml oil - Nourish your puppy's skin and coat with our sustainably harvested oil supplement containing New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil rich in Omega-3s.
  • 2 x New Zealand Prime Beef Heart 50g treats - high in protein and essential nutrients supporting the maintenance of healthy tissue. Beef Heart straight from New Zealand's fertile pastures, freeze-dried for maximum nutrition and sold in a resealable pack. 
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    Please refer to individual packs for specific feeding amounts and instructions.

    Puppy Bonus Pack

    Renowned for their health-giving properties, green-lipped mussels have earned a prestigious reputation. Native to New Zealand, these mussels are a rich and abundant source of Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, crucial for supporting both healthy heart and joint function plus cognitive well-being. They are celebrated for supporting joint health. Notably, green-lipped mussels boast high levels of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which contribute to the maintenance of robust cartilage and supple joint movement. Green-lipped mussels offer an exceptional spectrum of indispensable nutrients, encompassing protein, vitamins (B12, E, and C), minerals (zinc, selenium), and amino acids. The incorporation of green-lipped mussels into your dog's diet can enhance the support of their overall vitality, making them a valuable addition to your pet's well-balanced nutritional regimen.

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