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Calming Soft Chews for dogs

Calming Soft Chews for dogs

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Supporting your dog's nervous system, helping promote calmness and relaxation 

Our Calming Soft Chews contain premium natural ingredients formulated to help promote your dog's calmness and relaxation, and support their nervous system.

This functional supplement contains L-theanine, L-tryptophan, ashwagandha and chamomile supporting relaxation, calmness and focus for your dog together with premium GlycOmega™-PLUS mussel powder.

Benefits of Calming Soft Chews for your dog:

  • Helps promote relaxation and calmness
  • Naturally supporting healthy stress levels 
  • Supports healthy nervous system
  • High strength formula in a tasty soft chew your dog will love
  • Sustainably sourced and grain free

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Small: under 11kg (‹24lb) half a chew daily
Medium: 11-34kg (25-75lb) 1 chew daily
Large: over 34kg (›75lb) 2 chews daily

Calming Soft Chews for dogs

Our Calming Soft Chews are specially formulated to provide a balanced blend of placidity promoting natural compounds to help your dog maintain healthy levels of stress. They support your dog's nervous system promoting calmness and focus. The soft texture of our chews makes them easy to give and digest, suitable for dogs of various ages and sizes.

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