Skin & Coat powder for dogs

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Natural formulation rich in Omega-3 & 6 helps nourish the skin of your dog – providing the essential fatty acids to keep their coats vibrant

Our 250g Skin & Coat powder supplement offers a daily nutritional boost containing a blend of kelp, green-lipped mussel, collagen, and vitamins rich in Omega-3 and 6. This superfood formulation may also support energy levels and immune function and is a complete nutritional supplement to maintain the healthy condition of your dog's skin and coat.

Benefits of potent Skin & Coat formulation for dogs:

  • Rich natural source of Omega-3 and 6
  • Supports your dog's skin and coat condition
  • Helps support a healthy immune system

Feeding instructions

Give once daily over your dog's food using the 3g serving spoon provided. Not suitable as a sole diet. Please refer to the pack instructions for more information about dosage.


250g in a blend of Kelp, Green-lipped mussel powder, Collagen

Important information

Do not feed if your dog is allergic to fish or shellfish.

Ingredient focus

Skin & Coat powder for dogs

Nourish the dog to nurture their coat and health. The significance of maintaining a dog's skin and coat goes beyond mere aesthetics. A well-groomed coat serves as a valuable indicator of the dog's overall well-being, so a lustrous coat and supple skin are often reflective of robust internal health. The presence of a glossy coat suggests proper nutrition and care, showcasing the dog's vitality and health. Moreover, healthy skin provides a better barrier against infections and environmental stressors, supporting your dog's natural immune system. Regular care through balanced nutrition including supplements like Omega-3-rich Nutreats Vitals Skin & Coat Powder with kelp and green-lipped mussels, can contribute to this balanced wellness approach. Prioritizing your dog's coat and skin care translates to improving their vitality, both inside and out, underscoring the link between physical health and appearance.

What our customers say...

Choose Nutreats to support your pet's health 

  • Nutritional benefits

    Nutreats are natural supplements which provide additional nutrients that may be lacking in your pet's regular diet, helping to fill nutritional gaps and support overall health.
  • Great for sensitive pets

    Nutreats supplements are derived from natural sources which may result in fewer side effects compared to synthetic medications. This can be beneficial for pets with sensitivities or allergies.
  • Target health concerns

    Nutreats have a wide range of natural supplements available that target specific health concerns in pets, such as joint support, skin and coat health, and digestive support.

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