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Puppy Prime

Puppy Prime

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Give your puppy a daily nutritional boost – totally natural feed supplement that helps support the healthy natural growth of your puppy

Puppy Prime is a 100% natural multi-vitamin supplement formulated for puppies’ bones, teeth, skin, coat and muscle function. Nutreats Vitals Puppy Prime provides a daily nutritional boost to your puppy’s diet, including calcium, protein, fat and multi-vitamins.

The rich source of multivitamins may help to:

  • Support healthy bone and muscle growth
  • Support a healthy, shiny coat
  • Maintain a healthy flexibility and mobility in puppies and small dogs

Puppy Prime is formulated to support healthy bone and joint development in young dogs. We recommend starting them on a good supplement while they’re young to give them the best chance of long-lasting mobility.

The advanced formula is gentle on little tums, and the chance of any negative side effects is low.

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      Give once a day over your dog's food or drink. You can use the 3g spoon provided. Not suitable as a sole diet.

      Powder Supplements for pets

      Puppy Prime

      Giving pups the best start, this scientifically formulated blend of important micronutrients is gentle on young tummies. Green-lipped mussels are a valuable dietary addition for young dogs due to their exceptional health benefits. Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin, mussels support joint development and mobility, crucial for active young pups. A daily dose of Puppy Prime can help support healthy skin, coat, and immune system function as well, promoting overall well-being during the early stages of a dog's life. Incorporating green-lipped mussels into a young dog's diet can help set a strong foundation for lifelong vitality and well-being. As your pup grows, you can continue supporting them with Nutreats 100% natural training treats and feed supplements.

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