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Ben Winters: A Visionary in Pet Natural Health Solutions

Ben Winters: An expert in Pet Natural Supplements and Treats.

Academic Beginnings

Ben Winters' journey in natural pet health solutions began at Lincoln University, where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from 1992 to 1995. His academic achievements set the stage for a remarkable career in the health and wellness industry, with a special focus on natural supplements for pets.

Early Career at Aroma: A Legacy in Marine Bio-Extraction

Joining a Family Tradition

Ben's professional path started at Aroma NZ, a family business founded by his grandfather. This experience connected Ben to the world of sustainable marine farming and instilled a deep appreciation for his family's commitment to environmental stewardship—a principle that extends to creating eco-friendly pet supplements.

Aroma's Dedication to Sustainability

As specialists in Green Lipped Mussel cultivation, Aroma NZ represents a commitment to sustainable practices in New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds. The company's balanced approach to traditional farming and modern processing ensures the highest quality marine products, ideal for pet health.

Sustainable Ethos and Marine Extraction Expertise

At Aroma, Ben embraced the values of ecological responsibility and innovation. His hands-on experience with advanced extraction technologies provided him with a deep understanding of producing high-quality marine extracts, essential for developing effective pet supplements and treats.

Aroma NZ is noted for its Marine extracts, including:

  • Freeze- dried Green-lipped Mussel Powder: Supporting pet joint health and mobility.
  • Green-lipped Mussel Oil: Offering a unique blend of essential fatty acids for pets.
  • Marine Collagen Powder: Beneficial for pets' joints, skin, and coat health.

Innovation and Collaboration for Pet Wellness

Ben's foundational years at Aroma fueled his passion for innovation in pet health solutions. His efforts in expanding the company's production capabilities and pioneering new products have been instrumental in Nutreats' success. The collaboration with Otago University led to breakthroughs in natural supplements, benefiting pets' health and well-being.

A Legacy of Natural Health Expertise for Pets

Ben Winters' career reflects a dedication to merging natural health solutions with sustainable practices. His work has not only contributed to preserving New Zealand's natural beauty but also to advancing pet health care through innovative supplements. Ben's legacy in the industry continues to make a positive impact on pets' lives around the world.