With New Zealand’s expansive coastline combined with cool, clear waters, the ingredients we source are truly outstanding. World-class, nutritious raw materials, from a Country and people you can trust. Wherever possible, we use New Zealand sourced ingredients for our finished products.

As New Zealand citizens, we have a special connection to the land and sea. A relationship founded on care and respect, and an inherent understanding that when nature thrives, we all thrive. Therefore, we work to protect and safeguard the land, the sea and our people through a responsible and ethical approach to production.

We have sourced our pure raw sheep liver, beef hearts, and free-range venison straight from New Zealand grass-fed animals. Our pure green pastures, expansive coastline, and lush countryside create the perfect conditions for New Zealand cattle, lamb and deer.

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Nutreats is a family owned business based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here's our story.

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