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Hip & Joint Omega-3 Boost powder for cats

Hip & Joint Omega-3 Boost powder for cats

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100% natural formulation rich in Omega-3s – supporting healthy hip, joint and mobility for your cat

Nutreats Vitals Hip & Joint Omega-3 Boost contains New Zealand green-lipped mussel powder – a rich source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), Omega-3s, lipids and proteins to support joint health.

This formulation is 100% natural and can be added directly to your cat's daily meals. Your cat will love the natural taste, and you can be assured they are getting all the essential micronutrients to live a happy and healthy life.

Benefits of our potent Hip & Joint Omega-3 Boost formulation for cats:

  • Supports healthy hip and joint function in cats of all ages and breeds
  • Contains New Zealand green-lipped mussel powder – your cat will find it delicious and it's rich in Omega-3s
  • Grain-free and sustainably sourced
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      Give once daily over your cat's food or drink. 3g serving spoon enclosed. Not suitable as a sole diet.

      Hip & Joint Omega-3 Boost powder for cats

      New Zealand green-lipped mussel offers significant benefits for your cat's health. It is rich in Omega-3s to support joint health and mobility, heart health, and aid in maintaining optimal cardiovascular function and reducing the risk of heart disease. It contains fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which are integral for various aspects of feline well-being. Omega-3s are crucial for promoting healthy skin and a luxurious coat. Omega-3 rich feed supplements can provide vital nutrients in a form your cat will love, and supporting their vitality and well-being.

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